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April 21, 2010

Okay, who’s seen this, and how much therapy did it require?

Also, how long did it take you to wonder if they used “Til Death Do Us Part”?

Well, lookee what was waiting for me this morning. . .


Prepare for Departure

April 19, 2010

Oh, did I mention I write escapist fanfic when I’m stressed?

Cross-Check Complete


Just watched the A-Team trailer. . . .

January 20, 2010

And I have hope.

I hereby extend a standing offer to marry the marketing exec who went with the original intro for that trailer, by the way.



May 19, 2009

Title: Attitude
Format: QP(ish) ~155 words
Fandom: TAT
Warnings: none
Summary: Based on an old ATSB Quick Pick. Eventually, enough is enough–particularly when a bad attitude leaves you stranded.
Disclaimer: Am not SJC; am not NBCUni; make no pretense of ownership, legal or otherwise.



Now the whole quote thing is amusing me. . .

March 25, 2009

“Tycho took a long breath. “Well, I can be them probably as well as I can be you. And of course, you can be you better than I can be you. But if you’re them and I’m you, everyone is thinking outside the box. “

~Tycho Celchu to Wedge Antilles,
Rebel Dream

Naturally, I have NOT completed the write-up of the mall experience. It’s almost done, and I even have it typed up. I diligently attempt to work on it, but stories keep distracting me. One in particular–I think I over-extended myself in the setup. I have Character A eavesdropping on a conversation between Characters B and C–a conversation involving things that happened to A.

*I* know the truth about what happened, and A knows the truth, but B and C don’t, and A won’t fess up and acknowledge the facts, even in his head. Since the story insists on being in his POV, and he’s an unreliable narrator at best, I’ve been struggling to make the point clear. This is a smaller piece in a larger multi-story arc, so I need the information to be out there.

Ironically, the solution presented itself pretty much like above–I had A run the “truth” as he anticipates B would do, and suddenly–poof!–it’s out there and A has no choice about it.

Try to outsmart me, will you, Fictional Characters? Ha! I have a RS quote to trump EVERYTHING!