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It’s like Madonna! Madonna! Madonna!

March 16, 2012

I did it.

Just got back from my first training run . . . for my first 5k!

Yeah, I'm pretty amazed myself.


And because we all know that I can’t start a project with anything resembling sense, I chose one that’s only a month away.

What???  Nic said I should be fine.

Okay, no, so that’s not persacktly what she said.  The conversation actually was more like, “Um, that’s kind of soon.  Are you sure?  If you want, we’ll plan something together for next time you’re here.”  (Clearly, she sees me as a person in dire need of close supervision an inspirational figure.)

Then I told her where the run was, and *that’s* when she said. . .

“Yeah, you’ll be fine.”

Because she understands that NOTHING is more properly motivated than . . .  er . . . a properly motivated me.  Ahem.  Yeah.

I would SO pay extra if they had a plane take off behind us during the run.