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C’est Une Chose Tres Etrange

December 6, 2008

Je me demande. ..

Pourquoi est-ce que me computer nouveau toujours me rend un website default en le Francias?

Si je dit,, il rend “”. Si je dit, “Que-ce que c’est le “user info” de cette personne?”(Une personne que parle le Anglais ou le Hindi, habituellement!), il me rend–“Profil d’utilsater: Sexe, Signe Astrologique, films prefere”, pas “User Info: Gender, Astrological Sign, Preferred Films”!!


J’aime le Francais, mais je le ne parle pas souvent–et a dire vrai, je ne peaux conjugate les verbes plus!

S’il te plait, Monsieur Le Computer, parle le Anglais a moi, parce que j’ai oublie le Francais!


As Told To the Prophet Julyjah

July 31, 2006

And there was much rejoicing all through the land of Ali.

And wonderous were the preparations for the great festival of Con


Talk-Back from the Talk-Box

December 14, 2005

Dear Ali,

How many times must I tell you, my dear incompetent user, that Microsoft is “DA MAN”???

And how many times must I remind you, _I_ shall not be tied down, governed, or otherwise dictated to by “DA MAN”.

Therefore, I have no recourse but to reject all Microsoft products with extreme prejudice. I highly suggest pursuing an alternative form of browser for your internet addiction. Like, now.

I have attached a list of software I consider acceptable for a computer of my considerable (almost awe-inspiring) skills and superior handsomeness. Please review and find your own way of downloading them.


The Always Estimable G

Author’s Note: Firefox is my new hero.


Third Final Notice

November 20, 2005

Dear Computer:

It has come to our attention that your attitude and performance levels have become substandard of late. We are no longer able to condone Explorer, User, and Pop-up difficulties.

At this time, we are writing to inform you that a serious case of drop-kicking is due.

Please consider yourself warned, and look for our agents to be in your neighborhood soon.

Enjoy your evening,

AliĀ and Her Minions