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A Dare Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

January 30, 2010

Lizzie asked for more Granny Mayweather… here’s the second one.

I feel like it’s important to say–I’m not basing these stories in any way on my life. The narrator interests me; I think she must have been a strange little child, and perhaps a bit of a kindred spirit, but these are mostly works of fiction, with a few homages tucked in here and there that no one but Lizzie and maybe Jonathan would catch.


Granny Mayweather #2: Granny and the Eggs


Granny Mayweather

January 18, 2010

Something silly that I scribbled earlier today, and thought I’d throw online. Genesis of the idea came from the South Georgia flooding that happened in the mid-90’s; Brad’s family was from that area, and this general concept came from conversations we had, and, to be honest, my own thoughts about “resting in peace”. I’ve relocated it to an Appalachian accent because, seriously, the only people who are interested by South Georgians are actually *in* South Georgia. . . I prefer a mountain personality any day. The shadows in the hollows just seem to make people a little quirkier, and altogether more interesting.

Granny Mayweather and The Flood