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Live From Dragon*Con!

September 2, 2011

(mostly for J)

I had to wake up at 4am this morning!  Wish you were here!


In News That Is Way Cooler Than I’m Going To Make It Sound:

Got to registration and discovered that the Line Was Moving.

Like, I got my cardio in for the day and was slightly out-of-breath when I finally made it to the end of the labyrinth.

I tried to take a video of this, but Jason didn’t teach me how to switch from camera to video on my iPhone.  Or, to be more accurate, he didn’t teach me the way that I will remember.

As you can obviously tell, I have a few hours of employment-type-work to do before my first panel.  Instead, I’m posting this picture:






April 1, 2009

IFC has announced that they’re co-producing a theatrical-length adaptation of Anita Blake: Vampire hunter (in conjunction with Lionsgate).

I’ve read a limited amount of Laurel K. Hamilton–she’s not bad, although I always liked Merry Gentry better than Anita Blake (and, to be frank, some of the creepy sex stuff squicks me after a while, so I haven’t gotten very far into either universe)–but I was surprised to see this particular set of bedfellows. (sorry, I just couldn’t resist the pun)

LKH is an author who is famously truculent with fans. . . and, as we all know, so is her husband. I didn’t think that an author who is so unapproachable would be picked up for developement–nor did I realize that Anita Blake had become high-profile enough outside of the fan communities.

And it really never occured to me that IFC would be the one to develop the movie.

Interesting, non?


As Told To the Prophet Julyjah

July 31, 2006

And there was much rejoicing all through the land of Ali.

And wonderous were the preparations for the great festival of Con