Outsmarting Myself

October 16, 2012

According to WordPress, on May 11 I saved a draft called, “I could TOTALLY be MacGyver.”


Now, every so often a girl needs to know exactly how that would work, so of course I had to see what bit of awesomeness and ingenuity I’d accomplished last May.


Probably, I figured, I’d saved a planeload of people using a breakfast cookie and the cravat from the passenger in 7C.  Or disarmed a nuclear warhead with quick logarithmic computations, an etch-a-sketch, and 6 milliliters of embalming fluid.


Oooh!  Maybe I kept a sourcerer from taking over the world using just a sock and a half-brick.  (somehow, that one seemed familiar . . . . )


Clearly, whatever it was would dazzle, boggle, goggle, transfix, and plain old hornswoggle the mind. Fully prepared to be awed and amazed, I clicked the link.


The post was blank.


*blink blink*


That’s right, folks.  I’m so awesome I can’t even tell *MYSELF*.


(Now why on earth do I have the sudden urge to listen to Kenny Rogers?  Strange, that.)



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