She’ll start getting ideas . . . and Thinking. . .

May 16, 2012

I have Thoughts today.

And, like always happens when I have Thoughts, there is no one around to Think them to.  People reallly need to reprioritize.

1.  If I were to create a Halloween costume as a “Speshul Snowflake”, and wore a helmet because I couldn’t come up with any other way to visually signify “speshul”, would that make me insensitive to the mentally handicapable?

What if I retconned my helmet rationalization to symbolize how overprotective the snowflake’s parents were during their delicate formative years?

2.  For the ladies in the audience–why does *every* sports bra, when pulled over the head, wrap itself up into a ball *just* out of reach on that line between your neck and your back?

Is there a way to prevent this?  Was it a technique they taught all of us in eighth grade PE, and I was out sick that day?

3.  If I’ve been following a published author as they did a really screamingly awesome close reread and analysis of another author’s books, am I wrong to be afraid to read the first author’s original work?  ‘Cause I’ve totally got a though-process crush on the first author and I’m afraid the prose won’t stand up to it.

4.  There’s got to be a portmanteau for the concept of being starstruck by a writer’s awesome non-prose writing.  If society has time to coin “bromance” “bennifer” and “fangasm”, surely they can put their squirrely little heads together to find one for me here.  Someone get TMZ on the phone.

5.  Is it still possible, in the current climate, to create a compelling transmedia work that does *not* involve video or audio components without leaning on the crutch of a mainline prose narrative?

6.  Seriously, world, how am I supposed to dress for a ‘black-tie-optional’, sunset wedding *on a beach*?  Also, I’m over prints.

7.  Is it better to overpromise yourself so you have a high standard to drive you to achieve, or to manage expectations so anything delivered is seen as exceptional?

8.  Why is the hair on one side of my head longer than the other?  One side falls out of the ponytail holder, and the other stays.

9.  I’m not, generally speaking, a fan of Jessica Simpson, and I would not really want someone who sees me on the street to think that I was someone who was driven to emulate Jessica Simpson, per se.  However, if I pick up *one more* item in a store because it’s REALLY FREAKIN’ CUTE, and it’s got a Jessica Simpson label, my brain will run away from the congnitive dissonance.

10.  “Cognitive Dissonance”–not so easy to spell, actually.

11.  In the eternal battle between Taking Clothes Out of the Dryer, and Folding Clothes to Put Them Away, which side is good and which side is evil?  I really need to know.

12.  I saw a cube truck on the highway tonight.  I immediately assumed it was coming from a Storage Wars auction.  Then I actually *listened* to the thought and was worried about myself.

13.  Why is “metrics” so fun to say, but so difficult to actually go through and quantify?  I quite like Metrics, until I remember how much math is required.

14.  There’s a link between being ambidextrous and being synesthetic.  That just has *fascinating* implications.

15.  I think my world would be better if Animaniacs were still in production.


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