What I Did On My Summer Vacation

April 9, 2012

I was never one to listen to teachers’ complaints about summer vacation, or rather, the information students lost over said vacation.  In school I either knew it and remembered it, or didn’t.  There never seemed to be a lot of slippage.

Today, though, I’ve turned on my computer after a three-day weekend where I actually *didn’t* work, for once, and I have jack-all idea of what’s going on.  The notes I made on my Friday morning conference call are completely indecipherable, and I’m pretty sure my Outlook is missing a bunch of emails I sent out, but I can’t definitively remember which ones.  The only reason I *am* pretty sure they’re missing is the deep sense of  “I finished every bloody thing Thursday night” satisfaction I felt all weekend.

Conference call in seven minutes!  This should be full of blank stares and confused stammers!


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