It’s like Madonna! Madonna! Madonna!

March 16, 2012

I did it.

Just got back from my first training run . . . for my first 5k!

Yeah, I'm pretty amazed myself.


And because we all know that I can’t start a project with anything resembling sense, I chose one that’s only a month away.

What???  Nic said I should be fine.

Okay, no, so that’s not persacktly what she said.  The conversation actually was more like, “Um, that’s kind of soon.  Are you sure?  If you want, we’ll plan something together for next time you’re here.”  (Clearly, she sees me as a person in dire need of close supervision an inspirational figure.)

Then I told her where the run was, and *that’s* when she said. . .

“Yeah, you’ll be fine.”

Because she understands that NOTHING is more properly motivated than . . .  er . . . a properly motivated me.  Ahem.  Yeah.

I would SO pay extra if they had a plane take off behind us during the run.



  1. That is awesome! If you need any help staying motivated with your running you might check out an iPhone app called ‘Zomies, Run!’. It’s a tad pricy for a phone app, and I can not give a personal recommendation as of yet. However, it sounds like an awesome app for anyone who is starting up with a running routine or training for a running event.
    Hope the training goes well! You are going to be looking at so much cool stuff durring the race that you will not even notice the distance.

    • When I was looking for possible runs I saw one where runners were chased by zombies as incentive to finish, and of course thought of you immediately.

      As far as actually getting through the race–haven’t gotten to the point of being scared of that yet. Still too busy being scared of the training. It has occurred to me that I will possibly be the first runner to go through the entire three miles of the route flapping my arms and shrieking like a giddy schoolgirl, though.

  2. Oh! Another thought. . .

    Y’know how there are always those theme stormtroopers at Con? Santa*Trooper, Bedsheet*Trooper, etc, Tiki*Trooper . . .

    I caught myself having an eensy little daydream a minute ago where I ran the race dressed like a pilot. I’m not going to do it, of course . . . at least I’m 93% sure I’m not going to do it, er, of course . . . but you can’t tell me it isn’t an awesome visual.

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