Turn the Page

March 15, 2012

For the most part, I’m far more likely to be writing about adventures, rather than chasing them myself. Truth be told, I’m a bit of a home-body.

There’s also a bit of a gypsy streak running through me, though, and when it rises I’m suddenly restless, reckless, and have an immediate need to wander.

I’ve learned, in time, what most of my triggers are, and can either avoid or indulge them to keep me (marginally) productive and (supposedly) focused on my work.

Lately I’ve been writing steadily, and I tend to have a few songs for every story that serve as induction points into that particular world. It’s not about the lyrics–more a particular guitar riff or bass line that has same kind of emotional echo that I need for the story.   I’m not really musical in everyday life, so I couldn’t really describe it. The point is, I haven’t found a guaranteed induction for this story yet, but the mood is all classic and southern rock . . . Skynyrd, Foghat, the Eagles, ZZ Top, etc.

I don’t have a whole lot of those selections in my personal library, so I’ve been wearing out my Pandora station listening for good hook songs to download and add to the newest writing playlist.

Tonight I was negotiating a tricky bit of scene with two characters that weren’t being at all helpful, and I was so focused on the writing that I had completely zoned out of the music, until I realized that whatever song was playing was definitely the key hook for the story. Period. No further questions to be asked or answered.

Damn, damn, double-and-triple damn. It was that Bob Seeger song about being on the road. Yeah, one of the two songs that I’m not allowed to listen to unless I’m actually on my way to the airport for a trip, because otherwise I’m useless.

All this to say–clearly, we writers must suffer for our craft, and if I’m going to suffer, it’s patent fact that you poor blog readers will suffer along with me.

Edit: I wrote and posted this, then headed to bed. As I was zoning out, running through the day in my head, I realized that besides my gypsy road song, I’d also decided to train for a 5k (baby steps!) and write a game. Yeah, definitely headed for a restless streak. 🙂


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