Queen of the Universe Again!

February 16, 2012

Okay, so after this post, I had two opportunities to flex my transmedia muscles at work.

One was putting together a list of avatar items for a gaming system, to coincide with the VOD release of a film, and the other was writing a series of trivia questions to supplement a PPV system’s on-screen ads.

Granted, both of these things err strongly towards the world of interactive marketing, rather than actual transmedia, but the line between the two is thin enough that, for now, I’m totally thrilled with whatever I can get.

Just got the proofs for the trivia back, and I feel like I could walk on air . . . or water . . . or even earth! (Those of you who know me will understand how remarkable a feat that can be!)

Not only that, the feedback from the gaming system has been VERY positive. To quote my boss, “They loved your ideas!”

We’ll call this one small step for man, FIFTEEN MINUTES IN A BOUNCY CASTLE for Ali-kind!


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