What Ever Happened to Those Stamps, Anyway?

February 15, 2012

Ahh, the heady days of high school, when my friends and I would edit sound clips into hysterical conversations and swap them back and forth on floppy disc as a kind of pre-exam good luck charm.

(Seriously. The disc was a 3.5, lurid yellow, and some bright spark had decorated it with a X-Wing vs TIE fighter marker-stamp battle. No idea who that could have been, of course.)

The final line in each one was, without fail, Vader saying “All Too Easy.”

For good or ill, that has become the defining sound of victory for me.

Why does the internet need to know this? Three very good, very solid, very necessary reasons:

1. I miss those files. Or, perhaps, I miss the days when those files presaged the heady exhilaration of blitzing through an exam.

2. I feel it lends credibility to my pretensions of mega-geek status, something that is sorely challenged in our current meme-of-the-week and techno-super-highway world. (I sometimes find myself sticking to the techno-two-lane instead.)

3. It’s stuck in my head today.

Why? I thought you’d never ask.

I compiled my February writing to-date, and was pleased to see I have twenty-one pages. Considering I’m only writing about 30 minutes a day, not too bad!


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