Suggested Title: Princess of Quite-a-Lot

February 8, 2012

I was thrilled yesterday when my department head was asked to generate some ideas about creating a greater presence in the social media space.

I have a lot of ideas, and immediately offered him a few of them that were off the top of my head.

He asked me to put them together into a format he could present in the meeting, which I happily did last night.

I ran the presentation by a few sources, just to make sure it was clear and made sense, and sent it over to him.

Got my feedback this morning.

“I don’t understand this. I thought you were just talking about putting movie clothes in Facebook games. I can’t show this to people.”

I’m not devastated. . .

Well, okay, I am, because I handle rejection the way a vampire gets a sun tan, but what’s really frustrating me is that I thought I’d made it SO CLEAR. I’d pared it way, way down to some very basic initiatives and used lots of examples where similar ideas had been successful in the past. And I spent something like six hours working on it.

I know my boss isn’t the world’s most savvy guy in this field, and I’d tailored it to him. And he didn’t get it.

And he didn’t think he could present it to the other departments.

Most of the sting is because he didn’t understand what I was saying. And it was my first attempt to pitch my ideas in a corporate environment, so 1000% immediate success was an unlikely result anyway (but man, wouldn’t it have been nice!) . . .

Oh, well. I’ll draft my proposal to put movie clothes in Facebook games, and we’ll go from there, and at least I’ll have this presentation to tuck into my portfolio.


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