October 29, 2011

An actual conversation that I’m having with my actual family via texting right now:

What you need to know is that my mom and brother are flying up to visit me in New York today (for essentially their first trip to the city, although Mom was here overnight once before), but my dad wasn’t able to get away from work.

Mom: On 85 :)

(Texting Mom at significant points is a tradition for us that dates back to me being SUPER excited about going. . . well, kind of about going pretty much anywhere.  “On 85!”  “Just hit the Florida state line! Ow.”  “Found the ocean!”)


Mom: Checked in!

Me: Yay!!! Call me from the gate!
Mom: Ok, sitting with dad for a few minutes.
Me: Hi dad!!!

(In my mind’s eye, Dad–who has never been to NY and always wanted to go–is now arm-wrestling Mom for control of the handset.)

Dad:  Hey there.  Have a good time for me.
Me:  Nope.  I've got YOUR first trip up here already planned.  So I'm saving your good time til then.
Me:  It's called the 'ZOMG! My Dad Would LOVE That' trip, and it already has eleventy-six stops on it.

Dad:  Remember who you're talking to.  I don't have a clue what you just said.

Me:  Eleventy-six is like twenty-six or thirty-six, but better.

Me:  And possibly on performance-enhancing drugs.




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