And a one, and a two, and a one two three!

November 19, 2010

The last two nights, my dreams have featured self-authored, fully choreographed, and perfectly arranged orchestral sequences.

I find this strange, not least because poetry and I (as well as music and I, and dancing and I) get along about as well as. . . um. . . things that don’t get along very well.

(It’s Friday, and I was up until 4am.  Don’t expect brilliance.)

That’s not the weirdest part, though.  Music happens.  I find that it does, however, require an Ali to take it to the next level of randomness.

This morning I woke up, made coffee, and got my shower while humming a dimly remembered operatic salute to the incredible benefits of high-production-value dreamspace advertising.


  The lyrics were something like,

“The exposure is unparalleled / when we your message in dreamscape sell! / Where returns are always tried and true / Full value will we bring to you!”

All this on a large soundstage, with dancers in heels and fans and feathers trilling their ahhh-peggios like the chorus line in a 50’s musical setpiece.


Apparently, folks, I’ve got advertising opportunities available in a hot new social medium.  Here’s your chance to really create a presence in your clients’ headspace!


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