Month-Long Writing MeMe – Day 2

May 3, 2010

2. How many characters do you have? Do you prefer males or females?

Let’s take this one out of sequence.

I think I write guys and girls pretty evenly. What I *have* noticed, though, is that while my original stories are heavily female-cast and “she-roes” oriented, my fanfic is almost exclusively male.

This leads me to wonder why, and it must, ultimately, come back to what draws me in to a universe. I like very talented people who find themselves stuck in extraordinary circumstances that they are not particularly well prepared for. (For which they are not particularly well prepared? Meh. I never had a grammar teacher that I liked. Let ’em twitch.) I love to trace out and explore the way personalities blend into a team, how certain traits become enhanced in one individual because they bolster something in the others. There is a magic, for me, in the way disparate people are able to fuse themselves, in a thousand tiny ways, into a meta person. And, because I believe we cannot really, truly know ourselves without having someone really, truly know us, I find group dynamics a highly effective way to tension my characters into tune.

The problem (and it haunts me every time I try to find a Halloween costume) is that there aren’t that many stories where women are put into those situations. And there *really* weren’t a lot of them when I was growing up, and found most of the stories that resonate with me today.

One of the things that I found really ironic, as I learned more about A-Team fandom, was the story of Melinda Culea. I LOVED watching Amy on the team. She really respected Murdock, stood her ground with Face, and best of all, kept up with the guys. That was the girl I wanted to be. (Well, with the addition of Daisy Duke’s white jeep, Dixie. That was the only thing missing from perfection.) Ugh–I HATE HATE HATED Tawnia, who was everything that made me want to gag–even as a kid–about women in cool situations. When I discovered that Amy was replaced by Tawnia because of the way Melinda stood up for Amy’s position with the team–wanting a gun, holding her own with the guys. . . it felt like a betrayal from the show.

How many characters?
Geez, that’s hard.

From Star Wars–Wedge, Tych, Wes, Hobbie, with a little Asyr/Gavin, because I love their story.

From A-Team–Mostly Murdock, maybe with some Face, but Murdock is easily the most compelling for me.

In my original stuff…

I have three distinct stories structured around sets of best friends, my one massive universe-builder with a core (feels like a corps!) of four siblings, one friend, two elves, a dwarf, and the random girl who gets caught up along the way, and a modern chick-lit first person/screenplay (I have no idea why I can’t get this narrowed down into a format) with one substantial main character.

How many is that? Twenty-four?

Oh, and I have a Robin Hood re-telling. . . I always forget that one.

Let’s call it thirty.



  1. Just 🙂

  2. Amie!!!
    I’m so glad that your sister’s doing better. . . too many medical scares in too short a bit of time for you!
    You will appreciate this–I had to debate, for a second, if I should count the crew from LF as characters. Technically, of course, it was Erika’s story, but I felt like I knew them almost as well as she did, and Ginny would frequently pop up in my head with commentary.
    Are you back on LJ for reals now?

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