Month-Long Writing MeMe – Day 1

May 2, 2010

Meme from junkfood_monkey and billy_shriner. . . sounded interesting. I am, of course, a day behind, and will post Day 2 late tonight.

1. Tell us about your favourite writing project/universe that you’ve worked with and why.

This one’s easy–Rogue Squadron in Star Wars.

I love to write about group dynamics, and the Rogues have this wonderful mix of personality types in the pressure cooker of active warfare.

Oh, and I did I mention they’re wise-cracking pilots? How can I resist?

More specifically–I always seem to revert to Wes and Tycho.

Tycho is someone that I like very much. He’s true, loyal, ordered, and thorough, but beyond that, he is a good friend, and that intrigues me. The people he is surrounded with are generally more talented, more important, and more famous (he tends to stay in the background, in a support capacity), but Tych has an ease and security in himself and his abilities that makes him invauable to them, and that I envy. I think Wedge would fuction well in any situation–Wedge is efficient because the only alterative is to not get somthing done–but place Tycho alongside him, and Wedge becomes brilliant and innovative and, in many ways, rises above himself.

Tycho never forgets his dignity; Wes believes that dignity is only useful when you don’t trust the person in front of you. Wes is, in many ways, Tycho’s opposite, and serves as the other, more human, half of Wedge’s foil. Dynamic where Tycho is controlled, Wes retains a sense of fun and absurdity that I am fascinated by, because he uses it as a shield–not a shield against the cruel, cold universe (oh, woes!!!!111!!! gag!), but between the darker aspects of himself and the person he prefers to be. At some point, Wes decided that the power structure of the government was inherently evil. That meant that it was his obligation to do everything he could to accomplish its destruction–which is why he’s in the war. When he shoots people, they don’t get up again. BUT–and this is key–Wes has a rare ability to control that part of himself, and chooses to spend his free time bringing lightness to what would otherwise be an unbearably grim group.

I *write* more Tycho–his voice comes naturally to me, his thoughts make sense, and I will almost always find his part of a new story first. Tycho, when I write with him, feels like staying up late, catching up with a friend you know so well that you can feel their emotions before they tell you the story.

Even as I’m writing Tych, though, I find myself watching Wes. He tends to see more than he says, and, even more helpfully, has a tendency to react to things he hasn’t quite seen yet. I have realized that keeping an eye on little things with him–body language, when he enters and leaves… one time I was writing a post-mission sequence in a locker room, and he kept making trouble (he wouldn’t stay dressed, and I’m NOT that kind of writer!) until I realized where I was going wrong.

Okay, getting off topic, but, yes, certainly, Rogue Squadron’s Star Wars is the universe I most enjoy working in.



  1. and he kept making trouble (he wouldn’t stay dressed, and I’m NOT that kind of writer!)
    That’s the kind of trouble I like to see characters make. 😉

  2. OMG! It was so frustrating! I’m trying to write a pivotal scene where the squadron’s trust in Tycho will be undermined, bringing chaos and calamity to all concerned, and Wes just kept stripping down.
    I was still in college, and hadn’t quite learned how to handle recalcitrant characters.
    It does occur to me that now I’d probably have someone cue some bom-chicka-bow-wow and put the little grandstander on the spot.

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