A Few Thoughts to Ponder

April 13, 2010

Item the First:

Running up the stairs to make a train is NOT the moment to gain an in-depth understanding of the human leg’s “points of articulation.” I feel like I prematurely donated my body to science–and everything went, well, went the opposite of where it ought to go. Ow.

Item the Second:

My roommate is generally good for a quote of the day. This morning, we’re discussing all the different ways the Vatican’s response to clerical abuse is FAIL.

Ali: “And this is MY church! And I’m all like, “Really, guys? Really? Is this a problem we need to have?”

Jean: “Whatev. . . God is not the sum of his representatives any more than we are the sum of our interns.”

I took a moment to consider this–we’ve had some colorful interns the last few semesters–and was blown away by the epic level of *headdesk* that must happen in heaven on a daily basis.

Item the Third:

The universe often plays cruel tricks on me. (See “points of articulation” above.) I’ve been beset by a bevy of electronic betrayals lately–everything seems to be dying at once, so I was less than gracious when my alarm went off this morning. I glared at the phone as I yanked it out from under my pillow. “It’s not a bloody work day,” I told it. “You shouldn’t be going off.”

My phone had the temerity to blink at me, smugly continuing to sound the alarm. I sought proof. Well, mostly I sought to squinch my eyes enough to read the date on the display. “TUESDAY, APRIL 13, 2010,” it proclaimed.

(Now, this part is the plain, simple, embellished truth. It was said out loud, at approximately 7:32 this morning.)


Reality is a cold, cruel mistress.



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