Such a silly, simple thing. . .

October 30, 2009

Ya’ll, it was a-maz-ing.

Absolutely, breathtakingly wonderful.

Something that still has me smiling, and holding the sensation close inside, a giddy, bubbly feeling that makes me feel good all over.


I walked to the store to grab paper towels and coffee.

Yeah, that’s it.

But you see, for the first time in a month I walked at MY pace, speeding up and slowing down at whim. Once, I even broke into a brief jog to beat the light.

No wincing. No limping. No counting steps to distract myself from how much farther I had to go.

No practical math at all.

Just me, in jeans and tennis shoes and a hoodie, my hands stuffed in my pockets, moving fast enough to feel wind in my face. That’s about as close to 100% Ali as I get.


Tomorrow, I think we’ll try the heeled half boots. And I have a week and a half ’til I’m cleared for cardio.

It feels so good to be back. . . so very, very good.


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