By The Numbers

June 21, 2009

I was home for 48 hours.  A quick by-the-numbers breakdown:

10 hours of sleep.

9 cousins and significant others in  attendance (we were missing Jeff and his wife, but the rest of us were there.)

8 am wake up calls both days.   (Both times by Brother J coming in and asking incomprehensible questions while I was asleep.)

7 minutes of ice time over two periods that I got to watch Brother J skate.  Forty-five minutes of “me” time driving to the rink?  Priceless.

6 different ingredients in the recipe that  Brother M decided he  wanted to try while we were in the grocery  store.  (Zucchini  and whole-wheat pasta in a garlic-lemon  sauce.  I was impressed.)

5 different ways my uncle found to go down the water slide–all at top volume.

4 of us in the pontoon boat, tooling around the lake and hanging out.  I love my boys!

3 trips to grocery store, as the menu evolved for Saturday.  One was at about midnight, after the game.  There is something magical about hitting Kroger in the wee hours, buying six  cases of soda, and NOT having to worry about carrying them home.

2nd degree burns (or it feels like it, anyway) over every exposed area of my body.  The lake was perfect, about 96 degrees, and the wind was up so it didn’t feel too hot.   We boated, we rode the jet ski, we swam, we stormed the beaches of a deserted island, we used my black shirt as our own personal jolly roger, and while others may be able to do this in only 45 sunblock, I, alas, should have been in 70.  Or, a burqa.

1 houseboat, 1 pontoon boat, 1 family and a 70th birthday party.

Happy Birthday, Gram!  Hope you had as much fun  as we did!


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