May 19, 2009

Title: Attitude
Format: QP(ish) ~155 words
Fandom: TAT
Warnings: none
Summary: Based on an old ATSB Quick Pick. Eventually, enough is enough–particularly when a bad attitude leaves you stranded.
Disclaimer: Am not SJC; am not NBCUni; make no pretense of ownership, legal or otherwise.


by ACRobin109

They didn’t think he could hear.

“What are we going to do about him?”


“Hannibal, he took a swing at BA!”

The Mudsucker had it coming.

“Maybe it was the altitude.”

“The alt. . . be serious!”

“Stranded at 8,000 feet could make anyone a little crazy, Face.”

Yeah. Crazy enough to try hammering the stabilator back into a shape that might fly them home, if he could correct for enough drag to get them in the air, and gave up foolish notions of adjusting trim.

“He’s just a little tense.”

“Well, him crashing the plane makes me tense.”

“You’ve got to admit–BA did help.”

Great help. Terrific help. Opened up whole new vistas, he had–right through the molding and into the frame. What, he thought they needed a moonroof there?

“You know he gets this attitude every time he crashes, Hannibal.”

He grinned, notched the throttle forward. Adjusted his angle of attack. He’d give them some real attitude.


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