Monday Math 101

April 13, 2009

The sacred byword of my childhood was, “practicality.”

It didn’t matter how amazing or inspired the idea, if it failed the common sense test, it would not be endorsed or followed through on. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve begun to appreciate the attitude–I am not, by nature, a practical soul, so having a low tolerance for impractical ideas gives me an ingrained brake on my more whimsical tendencies.

It does, however, lead to an activity we shall call “Practical Math.”

Case in point:

I don’t feel like doing kickboxing tonight. I want to take a yoga class that I’ve been looking at for a while, and there’s an 8pm class at the 83rd St gym, or at the Park Slope gym.

I work in Soho, and live in Brooklyn. 83rd Street is towards the top of Central Park. In New York distances–Outer Mongolia. HOWEVER–I can grab a train a block away from work, drop off a block away from the gym, and then grab another train a couple blocks east that will take me relatively close to home.

Park Slope is one neighborhood over from me. In actual footprint–maybe 2-3 miles away, tops. Again, however–I’m about four blocks from a train that will actually get me there, and there’s nothing that could even pretend to be practical to get me home.

My travel time is probably about equal.

So, is it practical that I’m about to go work out at 83rd St? Yeah. Sure it is. Absolutely. No question.




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