Karma and Good Vibes

April 6, 2009

Good Morning, on a rainy New York Monday!

Today, on the way to work, I got caught in the middle of a divided highway. Not a problem, happens all the time. This road gets heavy traffic, especially in the mornings, and there are a lot of industrial vehicles that travel it, so you can imagine the attendant potholes that ensue.

One learns, on rainy days, to stay well back (like, 10 feet or so) from the curb.

Even so, the enthusiasm of passing vehicles can cause some pretty intense splashes, and I’ve been soaked a few times by the dastardly combination of speed, open highway, and a fundamental lack of consideration, so you will imagine my surprise when the driver of a HUGE dump truck actually slowed down, and very carefully directed his truck through the puddles with a minimum of New York Juice geysering up.

What a nice guy! He didn’t have to slow down–and most drivers don’t even realize there’s someone standing there. The road was clear in front of him, too. But he saw someone on the side waiting, and wasted precious seconds (again, this is New York) to make my day go a little easier (and a LOT drier!).

If there is justice, or fairness, or karma in the world (and I believe there is), that gentleman will have a wonderful day, and hopefully will feel appreciated and petted and warm and fuzzy, because that random act of kindness has made a difference to me.

Thanks, buddy! Have a good one!

~The Stranger Waiting To Cross Hamilton Avenue


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