April 1, 2009

IFC has announced that they’re co-producing a theatrical-length adaptation of Anita Blake: Vampire hunter (in conjunction with Lionsgate).

I’ve read a limited amount of Laurel K. Hamilton–she’s not bad, although I always liked Merry Gentry better than Anita Blake (and, to be frank, some of the creepy sex stuff squicks me after a while, so I haven’t gotten very far into either universe)–but I was surprised to see this particular set of bedfellows. (sorry, I just couldn’t resist the pun)

LKH is an author who is famously truculent with fans. . . and, as we all know, so is her husband. I didn’t think that an author who is so unapproachable would be picked up for developement–nor did I realize that Anita Blake had become high-profile enough outside of the fan communities.

And it really never occured to me that IFC would be the one to develop the movie.

Interesting, non?



  1. Is this April Fool’s? 🙂
    If not, I do find it interesting. I can stomach the books up until Book 10, I think, and after that they jump off the deep end for me. I haven’t read a new one in years. However, I would be interested to see what they do for a movie.

  2. I wondered, too, because really–who believes ANYTHING on April Fools?
    However–the story came from the Hollywood Reporter news feed and went through the email, and the story is not high-profile enough to be worth the joke payoff.
    (I’m debating if the “Wolverine:Origins Leaked Online!” is, though. . . )
    How’s the little guy?

  3. And did I mention that I’m honored that you de-lurked for my train-of-thought post?

  4. Yeah, it didn’t seem like enough people would care about it for it to be a joke.
    Ben’s good overall, although he has a cold right now. He’s 7 months, sitting up, got a couple teeth. I guess I should post, huh?

  5. Hehe. 🙂 Yeah, I’m not writing anything, but I’m still reading.

  6. I guess I should post, huh?
    It’s always fun when you do!
    Ben’s 7 months already? Wow. . . it seems like you were just announcing that you were pregnant!

  7. It’s always fun when you do!
    Awww… thanks! 🙂
    I know, it’s gone very fast, though some parts have been pretty slow. It’s crazy.

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