Snake Charmers Protest Ban on Use of Live Snakes

February 17, 2009

Um, okay. A few disclaimers:

1. I did not watch the video, I did not read the article, I am not familiar with the particulars of the situation.

2. I will *never* be an advocate of greater human-elapine involvement. In fact, even going to the wiki page for “snake” to find a generic word for the creepy little serpents gave me goosebumps and a cold sweat. (But since I braved it, here are a few other cool collectives for you–eusuchine=alligator, hirscine=goat, pavonine=peacock, and, yes, assinine=donkey.)

That said. . .

I think I’m with the snake charmers on this one.

It would be very difficult for them to use dead snakes, or robotic snakes, or plush snakes, or creatively interpreted papier-mache snakes, or rubber snakes, or small puppies with snake-shaped hats, and maintain the quality of their art, their profession, and their dignity.

Yeah, you pretty much have to have a live snake to charm it. Just doesn’t work any other way.

If anyone has the strange desire to watch the snaaaeeek. . . . .sorry, must’ve overloaded my quota for that word for the day. . . the fuzzy bunny charmers make their case to the AP, the link is below. Feel free to tell me about it. Just, please, don’t make me look at the pictures.

AP: Snake Charmers Protest Ban on Use of Live Snakes

And, for the rest of the linguistically curious:

Ali’s Adventures in Animalistic Appellations


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