As Told To the Prophet Julyjah

July 31, 2006

And there was much rejoicing all through the land of Ali.

For ‘lo, the gods of Con did smile upon her, and did grace her with many gifts, and did praise her with great praising. And among other things they gave to her, to Ali they did give, the gift of one panel, this panel being located at 11:30 am, on the day of the 2nd of the great con, in the month of September. And they ordained and blessed the panel, saying to the people,

“Behold, for we give to thee Sir Michael, defender of the short and non-telekenetic, and also we give to thee Saint Aaron, in whom resides much honor, and with whom goes many one-liners.”

And they called to Ali, verily they did draw her up, and bade her be seated next to the honorable Scott Knowles, and in the presence of the saint and the knight.

And greatly she was humbled.

But the gods smiled, and said, “further these gifts we give to you, that you may proceed confidently into the land of the Technogeeks, and may smite the twin evils of Windows 98 and CRT Monitors.”

And there dwelled in that time, in the land of the Technogeeks, a man of great mystery and power. And this man, having descended from the shores of the Huron sea, and having gone boldly to the homeland of the People of Ali, and having found great favor within the land of Ali, did journey forth to meet with her.

And into the presence of the Ali came Jean, also called the Jelliestar, and renowned throughout the land of Ali, and great was her wisdom.

And she advised,

“Be aware that a man comes into this land, from the land of the technogeeks, and with him he brings laptops, and also many things that glow blue.”

And this also found great favor with Ali.

And Ali said, “Who is this man, bearer of laptops, and what price does he want for them? For in the marketplace there is a vendor who will give me a laptop for 300 talents.”

And Jean laughed.

“I know not the vendor of the marketplace, but this man asks only the fair shipping price of the package.”

Ali was much troubled. “It will not do to pay so little,” she said, “when this man is so great a friend of our land. I shall secure for him entrance to the great festival at Con, and we will celebrate the culture of the Technogeeks, for great is their power.”

And Jean did refuse to bear the message, which pleased Ali greatly, for so she celebrated her victory in negotiations over the visitor, and loudly she proclaimed the wisdom of Jean, and sent forth to every corner of the land of Ali, a proclamation, declaring the visitor most welcomed into the land, and great were the celebrations of the people.

And all these things happened in the land of Ali, on the last day of the seventh month, the baking month, in which many wonders were done.



  1. So that means I definitely do have to be up and showered and breakfasted by 11.30am on the Saturday, then, huh?

  2. Unless you want a repeat of last year, absolutely.
    I mean. . . ME, on a panel with Mike and Aaron? This is a whole new level of unbelievable!

  3. And lo, Edallia did read the entry, and she saw that it was good, and she was filled with a hope, a vain and silly hope, that a repeat of the previous year’s happenings not come to pass, for verily did she fear an involuntarily loss of consciousness in the presence of such men.

  4. Wanna be one of the hecklers in the audience? I can make that happen. All of the cool kids are doing it, come on!
    I mean, er, Go Ali!

  5. Oh, for realz. ♥ They won’t know what hit ’em.

  6. Ali will have enough fun heckling herself, I assure you.

  7. By the way. . .
    Is this the infamous Shiny Orange Cloak??

  8. I’m having a problem along that line.
    Namely, I want to shoot Aaron for what he did in Betrayal.
    He was forced into it–he was absolutely true to both character and story, but it’s a bitch of a thing. I’m trying to re-read it as homework, and it’s a grim process.

  9. *grin*
    Yes, yes it is.

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